These three artists have travelled many roads together…

It all began in the last century, behind school desks, with two young boys who became inseparable friends and then formed a travelling companionship. Together, during their voyage, they explored east and south, crossing rivers, mountains and valleys, discovering different countries and their musical traditions, soaking up all the colors of traditional rhythms and melodies.

When their roads crossed Naples they discovered a precious voice of a young talented street artist. In a breath of time they decide to kidnap this breathtaking treasure and add a new member to their nomadic band. In the beginning of this century, The Pumcliks Orchestra was founded and precisely in 2001 they release their first album “Fermate nu poco”, which was followed by other Cd’s and the recent album “Rattles & Bangs”. Currently, they are also collaborating with other theatrical groups, bringing to life several performances: “Assunta & Co.”,
“Pippo & the pirates” (created with the company Buffpapier), “Das grüne Küken” (created with “Theater Katerland”).