The trio

Musikerin Angela Neinman Portraitfoto

Angela Neiman (IT / USA)

voice, accordion, helicon

With parents from Venezuela and America, she has grown up in Tuscany. After finishing her diploma in visual arts, travelling then south of Italy and on through Spain and France, working as a street artist. In this period she developes a huge repertoire of folk music. In 2002 finishes the “Scuola Teatro Dimitri” and from then on is working as an actress and musician.


Musiker Leon Schaetti Portraitfoto

Léon Schaetti (CH)

voice, accordion, helicon

Coming form the mists of time, born somewhere near Zurich. Touring through Europe with music- and theatre productions, he enjoys bringing together the many aspects of his interests. As a multiinstumentalist and singer he brings his talents to enrich all performances.


Musiker Martin Läuchli Portraitfoto

Martin Kaspar Läuchli (CH)

voice, clarinet, bass clarinet, percussion

Born in Winterthur, passes his first musical breath with the flute, then changes to clarinet and since then it has been his constant companion. Combined with his love of percussion after one year in the “Scuola Teatro Dimitri”, he formes the elements to make his unique One-Man-Band.